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9 Responses to Contact Us

  • i am of the lecturer at amoud university special faculty of law and legal clinic about last three years, so that at beginning of this new year i seeking job about laws

  • Dear Mr/ Ms,


    I’m pleased to introduce our company, Wipaq Technology LLC to be your leading supplier with your future requirements. With 10 years of experience.

    we are committed to give you an exceptional service with utmost support. We deal with high definition printers (Fargo & Polaroid), time attendance devices, access control systems, Wacom signature pads, Hayward turnstiles, HID products and other related consumables.

    Please be assured that we will support you with your requirements along the way up to the maintenance requirement you need.

    If you have future requirements which are in line with our products and services, feel free to send your inquiries to or 0501335775.

  • Good evening,
    I work with Victoria University and I work as a Student Recruitment Specialist. Victoria University would like to work and partner with Puntland State University.

    What do you advise as the best approach to initiate discussions.
    Thank you,

  • Hi there. I am on Facebook. Be my Friend. Thank you. S&M

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  • I see your page needs some unique & fresh content. Writing manually
    is time consuming, there is tool for this task. Just search in gogle for: Fejlando’s tips

  • Asc dhaamaan mamulka iyo mclinta jamacada PSU
    MagacaYgu waa Younis mursal waxn ahaY wiil rer Puntlnad waxan jamacada kadhigtaaa magalada hargeisa waxaa iihrtay 1sno waxn jeclaystay inan usoowareego jamacada PSU
    Marka arintaaaz Sidan uwajihilahaa iyo halkaan wax kabilabilahaa ban idinwaydiin
    MhdnniD dhamantiiin

  • ASC!

    Jama Yasin Mohamed (Feerayre) ayaan ahay oo degan wadanka Sweden. Waxaan dhigan jirey PSU Bachelors Science in Business Administration 2005-2008 intii aanan wadanka ka tegin.
    Waxaan ka qaatay jaamacada PSU Transcript ay ku qoran yihgiin semestaradii aan iyo dhibcihii aan qaatay. Waxaan rabaa inaan wax kabarto wadanka Sweden waxaana u diray wax barashadaydii hore waxayna rabaan cadayn ah in jaamacadu cadayso in documents ka ay saxan yihii.

    Hadaba Hayada u qabilsan waxbarsha dadka dibada kala yimaada wadanka Sweden ayaa PSU kala soo xirirrtay emailka
    aniga email ayey ii soo direen inay idin la soo xiriirreeen oo aysan weli jawaab helin.

    Fadlan documentigaygu ID number kiisu waa BBA 187/2005.
    Fadlan u soo cadeeya hadaa tihiin masuuliyiinta PSU documintigayga inuu saxyahay.

    Jama Ferayare

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