The faculty of Social Science herein abbreviated as FOSS is a new faculty established at Puntland State University in October 2010. The FOSS is a merger faculty combining two departments; the Department of Development Studies (New, established 2010) and the Department of Public Administration (established 2004 as a faculty of Public Administration). The faculty offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses in the fields of Development Studies and Public Administration. It runs Day and Evening Programs to meet the needs of its students.

The Vision and Mission of the Faculty

The vision of the Faculty is the Puntland State University’s vision which is “to improve the life of Puntland and Somali people through the provision of sustainable education and skill-training policies with feasible education programme development”.

The mission of the faculty is the PSU mission which is “to provide the best attainable, affordable, non-profit, world-standard sustainable higher education for all Somalis”.

Administrative Structures of the Faculty

The activities in the faculty of Social Sciences are coordinated by the Dean Mr. Mahamoud Mohamed Hussein assisted by the Head of Department of Development Studies and lecturers.

The Faculty has two (2) departments namely:


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