The University is a haven of excellent student services programs that include Library services, Cafeteria, College Bookshop, and a Student affairs committee.
PSU Library is fully equipped with the latest text editions. Thanks to the UN aid 2006 that provided much of the needed latest edition texts. The library is bound to be more resourceful with the installation of the VSAT facility and its eventual services computerization.

At the Bookshop, students buy subsidized textbooks and other stationeries. Printing services for academic activities are offered free of charge.
The college cafeteria serves the college community with snacks and drinks at reasonable prices. Students are eligible for arranged payments for cafeteria services.

The Puntland State University Student Affairs Committee (PSUSAC) manages sport activities and student counseling services. PSUSAC Charter is however is at advanced stage pending ratification by the University’s management board.


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