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Summary of the assignment:

The selected candidate will be required to balance direct support with transfer of skills and knowledge to the staff and the students of the Puntland State University – Faculty of Shari’a and Law. Capacity-development is a key component of this assignment and it will be taken in high consideration in evaluating the achievement of the outcomes of the assignment.

The most important tasks of the assignment include: redesign the strategic framework of the Faculty; review the curriculum of the Faculty; provide training and guidance to the PSU Legal Clinic personnel and the students of the Faculty; provide trainings on legal writing and research; establish affiliations of the PSU Faculty of Shari’a and Law with regional and global schools of law; and support the Puntland Women Lawyers Association (PUWLA) by providing trainings and strengthening its members’ legal skills.

In all matters related to the assignment, the diaspora expert will report to the Dean of the Faculty of Shari’a and Law, who is the nominated Supervisor for the institution, and the IOM/MIDA project officer in Garowe.

About the Puntland State University and its Faculty of Shari’a and Law:

Puntland State University (PSU) has its roots entrenched from the patriotic and humanitarian joint efforts of KAALO Relief and Development Agency (local NGO) and Diakonia of Sweden that has been instrumental in providing the much needed financial support, physical structures and equipment. The PSU was established in 2004 as an evolution of the former Garowe Professional School and Puntland Community Colleage. The PSU has its main campus in Garowe and two branches in Galkaio and Bossaso.

In response to the urgent need for legal education in Puntland and in conjunction with the overall policy of the government of Puntland in strengthening the judiciary system, the Puntland State University (PSU) and the UNDP Access to Justice Program cooperated in establishing the first Faculty of Law in Puntland in October 2008. Since then, the PSU Faculty of Shari’a and Law has been making every effort to deliver educational service leading to providing graduates possessing all the knowledge, skills and values necessary for practicing the legal profession at a level comparable to graduates of prestigious law schools in the Region.

About MIDA:

Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) is a capacity-development Programme, which assists to mobilize competencies acquired by African nationals abroad for the benefit of their countries of origin. MIDA seeks to convert brain-drain across Africa, after the loss of educated and talented individuals, into brain-gain through brain-circulation and transfer of skills and knowledge.

In Somalia, IOM/MIDA has been working with Somali authorities in all three regions to build the capacities of their institutions since 2008 in Somaliland and Puntland and since 2009 in South Central Somalia.

‘Strengthening Institutions through Diaspora Assistance’ (MIDA-Sweden) is a component of IOM Somalia’s MIDA Programme whose overall objective is to contribute to the on-going process of stabilization and state-building of Somalia by developing the capacities of key government institutions through the mobilization of Somali diaspora resources. After carefully looking at the priorities of the Somalia and Somaliland Governments, MIDA-Sweden targets three key sectors, namely: Health, Public Finance Management (PFM), and Justice. To make sure the next generation of Somalis is involved in the development of Somalia, IOM will also pair Somali young graduates from Somali universities with the diaspora subject matter experts. The Somali youth will be placed at internship positions at the relevant institutions.

For more detailed information on the assignment see the attachment and visit the MIDA website:

How to apply:

All qualified Somali diaspora interested in the position must apply online through the MIDA website:

To start the application process, the applicants are required to register an account with the MIDA website. Go to login and register as a user, then fill the form and create a password to enter in the applications section. Duly fill in all the sections of the application form.

Only Short-listed candidates will be informed of the status of their application.Should you encounter any problem during the application process, send an email to stating the title of the position in the subject line.

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