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September 2017
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A Puntland high level delegation led by the Puntland Minister of labor, Youth and Sports and comprising of most notably PSU Vice Chancellor, Mahamud Hamud Mohamed and PSU Deputy Vice Chancellor in Academic Affairs, Burhan Adam Omar visited Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ethiopian universities and other institutions.

The purpose of this visit was to share in the knowledge and expertise of the civil service training institutes in these three countries. The delegation also sought to find partner institution for with PSU, which will train Puntland civil servants.

In Kenya the delegation held consultations with the World Bank. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the process of the Civil Service Recruitment and Training Project supported by the World Bank. The delegation also met with the Kenya School of Government on 6 June 2016 to learn more about the type of trainings the school provides to Kenya civil servants.

In Tanzania the delegation met with the Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC) and discussed how the two sides can exchange knowledge and experience related to the training of civil servants.

The delegation continued its journey with a visit to Ethiopia where they met with the Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECCU). ECCU officials and the delegates discussed collaborating in training Puntland civil servants.

In all three countries, the discussions focused primarily on enhancing the partnership between the civil service training institutes and PSU which will train Puntland civil servants.



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